Bordeaux is famous for its exceptional wines…

The major reason for the success of winemaking in the Bordeaux region is the excellent environment for growing vines. The secret of the Bordeaux Terroir comes from:

  • A specific geography: located on the 45th northern parallel, in the South West of France, and bordered by 3 great rivers: Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde estuary
  • A unique maritime temperature climate, regulate by the Gulf Stream and the protective barrier of the pine forest. The vineyard takes benefits of the warm and sunny summers, and the beautiful autumns to provide the best ripening condition for the grapes.
  • An exceptional diversity of soils: Gravel soils on the left bank of the Garonne, which absorb warmth and encourage ripening, chalky and clay soils, are concentrated on the right bank, offer ideal conditions for Cabernet franc and Merlot.

Dulong Family still demonstrates its exceptional winemaking know how for selecting the best terroir for its grapes, to make wine with character and personality. It offers a collection of quality wines, signé Dulong!

Bordeaux / Bordeaux supérieur

Bordeaux / Bordeaux supérieur

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