Dulong, a family spirit since 1873…



Founded in 1873, the DULONG company has kept its warm family spirit for 130 years.  Handed down from father to son over 5 generations, the profession of merchant and grower of Bordeaux wines lies at the heart of the family.

Today, the DULONG family still demonstrates its exceptional talent for selecting  wines and is one of the leading merchants on the Bordeaux market. The energy and experience of the Bordeaux born-and bred family have driven the company’s significant growth and brought it international recognition for the quality of its wines. With its dedicated vinification facility built in 2000, DULONG has invested on a level with its ambition for excellence. DULONG is also one of the sustainable wine growing pioneers in the area, a genuine philosophy also shared by our wine-growing partners. 

The DULONG company is a true point of reference throughout the world.  It produces its own wines and guarantees the origin of each bottle over 5 continents and over 50 countries. 

Selective harvests

Generally started in mid-September, the harvest is fully sorted in the winery using modern equipment to ensure the fruit is protected and to keep only the best.  A vibrating belt removes all the remaining leaves and grapes that are not mature enough or damaged.  This is an essential step to optimise aromas and freshness.

Thanks to the construction of its own wine-producing site in 2000, Dulong has become the first Bordeaux wine merchant to produce, blend and mature wines on this scale. This desire to control procurements has led the group to invest upstream in grape production: the selection and monitoring of vine plots; sustainable viticulture production.

Dulong in a few words

  • Jean-Marc Dulong

    One of the first wine merchants in Bordeaux
  • Over 80 partner vintners for a total of 700 hectares
  • Our oenologists support our partners
  • Consistency in style, year after year