Bordeaux / Bordeaux Supérieur

Where it all began…

Bordeaux / Bordeaux supérieur

Since ancient times, man has made great use of the exceptional riches of what would become the world's most prestigious winemaking region. Thanks to generous geology and auspicious rainfall, the Bordeaux vineyard charms wine enthusiasts all over the world with its exceptionally diverse range of creamy, flavoursome wines.

To receive the Bordeaux appellation, the grapes must only come from a specific geographic area, and belong to the following grape varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot for reds, Sauvignon, Sémillion and Muscadelle for whites. A few other varieties may be used if they do not exceed a certain percentage.

Red wines from vines at least 21 years old that are aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels, and also some white wines, may use the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation.



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