Our values

Nos valeursConviviality, a family spirit and the generosity of wines

The passion for wine and the profession of "wine selector" has been passed on from generation to generation in the Dulong family in a warm and pleasant family spirit for 130 years.  The wines reflect this spirit of family values, generosity and pleasure-sharing moments.

Respect for quality and the environment

Dulong winegrowing partners are committed to quality and the environment through the Dulong Quality Charter created in 1998, which defines specifications with the permanent aim of increasing quality with consideration for the environment.  It also enables us to control the origin of our products.  Reasonable wine growing is a sustainable form of agriculture that takes into consideration the needs of the soil, the well-being of the vine and conserves the environment with just the right balance of human intervention. Dulong has adopted this approach for a long time now and has considerably reduced the use of pesticides and practices natural sodding to maintain biodiversity in the vineyards. These practices bring out the specific nuances of each terroir.

Jean-Marc Dulong

Jean-Marc Dulong


The authenticity of the terroir through our wines

The Dulong family is attached to respecting the particular identity of a wine linked to its terroir and that has been the case for 5 generations.  Our oenologists continue along this path that ensures continuity between the wines of the past and those of today. Throughout the harvest, vinification and ageing processes, they are concerned with reflecting the characteristics and personality of the appellations, vintage after vintage.  In this way, Dulong is able to offer you a range of wines that are rich in the flavours and traits typical of Bordeaux.  

Audacity comes from innovating and integrating a modern vision

The Dulong company is attached to family and traditional values while remaining up to date with the latest technology in order to guarantee the best quality.  While following a style defined close to ten years ago, we have integrated a vision, which is both modern and adapted to markets in France and abroad.